Kansas Saves Pledge

We are excited to offer a free text message service to help keep you motivated to save. Signing up for texts is quick and easy. Just simply click the box to receive text messages and enter your phone number.

We will use the goal you choose below to send you goal-specific text messages. Text messages will come in the form of tips to help you find money to save, as well as advice and reminders to help you save for your specific goal.

Standard text messaging rates apply and texts will start about within 2 weeks. You will receive approximately 3 texts a month.

Financial Questions?

A personal finance expert from a Cooperative Extension land-grant university can provide you with information and resources. Visit their eXtension website today.

Meet a Saver

Aimee Shaffer worked as a Public Service News Director for radio for years until one day her employer downsized, resulting in Aimee losing her job. "I was without a steady income for the first time, said Aimee. With the little unemployment she received, she made sure to pay her bills. While looking for work, she took the time to reflect on her work life. "I didn't want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore."

She decided to open her own business doing what she loved to do−working with animals.  Shortly after starting her own business, Aimee's Ford Aspire "expired." Aimee did not have any credit in her own name. Working with the dealership, she was able to lease a car and establish credit. After two years of payments, she was able to qualify for a car loan. Because Aimee wanted to learn about her finances, she took a money course. She discovered that she was on the right track with her finances. "I was so happy to see that all my hard work to earn credit actually paid off."  Read her story.



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Local saves campaigns can connect employers, financial institutions, organizations, educators and others to jointly promote and support saving, financial education and local financial issues.

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